June 2020
Biocompare ran a story on in situ sequencing and highlighted some of our contributions.

June 2020
Wired magazine featured my quarentine story in a recent piece they ran.  Read the story here.

February 2020
The Bioscience magazine Laborjournal featured a story about our new light-stimulated DNA synthesis technology.  Click here to read the story.

December 2019
Lab Manager magazine featured me in their “Ask the Expert” segment related to Innovations in Next-Gen Sequencing.  See the story here to read about our efforts with in situ sequencing. 

September 2019
Our brain connectivity project was featured in a story by Endpoints.  Click here to read the story and hear what I have to say.

May 2019
I was recently interviewed for by Simulations.  I discussed my personal interests and story as well as some of the research projects I am currently pursueing at the Wyss Institute.

April 2019
Along with Church Lab postdoc Eriona Hysolli, I represented the SynBio Platform at the NOVA Education Wonders event as part of the Cambridge Science Festival. 

February 2019
Science Magazine featured a story on single-cell RNA sequencing in which I was featured.  The story is here: link

November 2018 I was promoted to Lead Senior Staff Scientist of the Synthetic Biology Platform at the Wyss Institute.  I now oversee all of the ongoing research projects as well as lead the staff towards developing new world impacting technologies!

November 2017

Endpoints featured a story on George Church in which I was featured talking about our FISSEQ technology.  The story is here: link

September 2017
I was promoted to the Advanced Technology Team at the Wyss Insitute with the goal of working on applied technologies to help translate them to the outside world.

July 2017
IARPA MICrONS enters Phase 2, with me as the Co-PI and program manager!

May 2017
IEEE Spectrum featured a story on our MICrONS project including data that I collected myself.  The story is here: link

July 2016
I left my position at Expansion Technologies to start as Staff Scientist in the Synthetic Biologly Platform at the Harvard’s Wyss Institute.  I will be working on the IARPA MICrONS project which utilizes in situ sequencing to map neural connections.