Richie E. Kohman, Ph.D

I am an applied scientist whose mission is to develop and utilize innovate approaches to solve pressing challenges, primarily in neuroscience.  Previosuly I was CSO of the Wyss Center for Bio and Neuroengineering where I led the Center’s scientific activities to better understand the brain’s structure and function as well as to develop improved diagnostics and therapeutics for brain disorders.  Previously I led the Synthetic Biology Platform Harvard’s Wyss Insitute at Harvard University along with Faculty Lead George Church.  I have more than fifteen years of professional experience in academic, industrial, and nonprofit research settings, and have overseen research projects in a myriad of area suchs as neurotechnology, gene therapy, regenerative medicine, biological tissue mapping, stem cell engineering, and nanotechnology.

This is my personal website which follows my career progress.   Additional profiles can be found at Google Scholar, LinkedIn, and ResearchGate as well as my personal Twitter account.